Balance Giving & Receiving Series: Balanced Giving Overview

Ten ah-ha inspiring classes designed to create and maintain healthier, balanced ways of giving.

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What beliefs, routines, habits, ideas need review and updates to gain and maintain more healthy ways of giving.  Explore this ten-part series to experience the art of balanced giving.

  1. What is healthy giving?  What’s the difference between giving and manipulating?  Find out in this class.
  2. Get ready to wake-up a PROFOUND sense of gratitude – in just eight minutes!
  3. A quick (eight-minute) exercise to avoid the expectations trap!
  4. Balanced giving empowers balanced receiving AND vaccinates you from takers!  How?  Got eight minutes? Catch you in class!
  5. How does anticipation in the act of giving feed expectations?  In 10 minutes discover how to starve giving expectations.
  6. Did you forget you’re actually perfect – right now – as is?  Yes?  Time to absorb 11 minutes to refresh your memory!
  7. In nine minutes remind yourself of five common-sense time-management skills to give yourself gifts of time!
  8. Find ten minutes for this guided exercise. Refresh your memory of how the gifts of our five senses will naturally co-create a healthy balance between giving and receiving.
  9. Settle in for a 10 minute guided meditation to strengthen your forgiveness muscles.
  10. When you’re ready to enjoy a powerful 15 minute spiritual boost, help yourself to this 15 minute guided combination visualization and meditation.

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