Balance Giving & Receiving Series: Balanced Learning Overview

Our five senses influences our ability to learn as subtle levels. These subtle levels of influence are often disused as habits, routines and personal preferences. Join us to open up your ability to observe how you learn based on what your eyes, ears, mouth and skin report back to you!

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Our balance giving and receiving series invites you to experience a powerful journey focused on how our five physical senses influence our ability to learn, laugh and love.  Course suggestions:

  1. Listen to part one (of the two part series) in the morning while getting ready for your day.  Throughout the week, explore the ideas, questions, suggestions and insights presented in class.   Optional:  note those thoughts via personal texts, emails, notes, etc.
  2. Listen to part two (of the two part series) the following week.  Compare and contrast week one’s observations with the thoughts, questions and insights as the week unfolds.
  3. Allow one week to pass between each class to support integration of new ideas as well as extra time to release blocks to learning.


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