Balance Giving & Receiving Series: Balanced Receiving Overview

Ten ah-ha inspiring classes designed to create and maintain healthier, balanced ways of receiving.
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Do you have a notion in mind that acts of receiving are – in some way, shape or form – acts of weakness? Historically when are you more open to receiving with little or no doubt, guilt, shame or worry (aspects of fear)? What makes it easier for you to receive? We’ll explore these (and more) questions in this series.


    1. Got Grace? An eight-minute guided exercise on how to raise your awareness of your ability to be graceful.
    2. Receiving Blocks? Join us on a nine-minute guided (powerful) brainstorming / mind mapping exercise to explore how to remove blocks to receiving more with far less fear.
    3. Allow Receiving? Take a time-out for a ten-minute guided meditation.  Learn how to allow yourself to receive more with ease and grace.
    4. Strings Attached? Ever wonder how you allow yourself to be manipulated?  Download this eight-minute class to discover a vaccine to manipulation.
    5. Breathing Exercises Prepare yourself for a short (eight minute) guided magical exercise. Refresh your memory of the miracle we are!
    6. Accepting Compliments Focus nine minutes of your day to learn how to fully embrace every compliment you’ve ever received.
    7. The 3 P’s of Kindness What are the three P’s to kindness? Find out in 9 minutes!
    8. Giving Kindness Savor a short (nine minute) guided meditation / visualization to tap into a deep wellspring of gratitude.
    9. A Divine Secret Sit back and enjoy a 10 minute guided exercise to tap into a divine secret we all should know!
    10. Got Perspective? A short (nine minute) story on how perspectives opens or shuts doors to receive more – effortlessly.

More information on the entire Balance Giving & Receiving series?  Click here

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