~ Dissolving Doubt, Guilt, Shame & Worry Series

A robust 52 week series to help you release these unhealthy habits:  doubt, guilt, shame and worry.


Aloha and welcome!

Soul here – Soul University Founder and your guide for this unique class series.

How much doubt, guilt, shame and worry do you experience each day? I created this series to mark the beginning of the end of these unhealthy habits. Join us to take a journey to remember just how resilient, resourceful and resplendent we truly are at our core – soul level.

Download a new short (15-20 minutes) class each week.  Experience a soothing guided meditation combined with a powerful class.  Copy / sync .mp3 files to all your devices. Listen to this series any where, any time!

This series is based on:

  • four decades of spiritual practice. With 40 years of balancing my paths as spiritual student and teacher I earned a title of monk (in three orders) and shaman (in four native nations).
  • six years of academic studies resulting with a MSW (Masters in Social Work).
  • a decade of teaching folks how to remember their true worth.

Week by week – ah-ha by ah-ha – life becomes more joyful.

Next steps:

1. Ponder the questions presented in the above video.

2. Click to download class list.

3. Go shopping!  Pick topics that interest you.


After you purchase a class . . .

Download your audio file . . .

Once you download your class. . .

  • prepare yourself and your space to relax!
    • turn off (versus silence) things that’ll distract you.
    • light a candle? Incense?
    • attend to body needs (what do you need to keep cool? Warm? Hydrated? Relieved?)
  • allow a little extra time before and after your guided journey to wind down and then wind back up!
  • start a new journal to capture what comes up for you . . .

Click links below to sample guided meditations / journeys.

* No refunds. Before you order kindly remember your purchase is completely non-refundable (except in cases of proven fraudulent card charges).


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