Grow Growing Growth Series Phase One: Planting Seeds Overview


We start our journey to grow with more ease and less fear with Phase One:  Planting Seeds!

  1. Besides diet and exercise what key, critical steps do we need take to gain a maintain better physical health?  Add this nine minute class to your cart now – get started today!
  2. Forgiveness is a powerful way to prepare yourself to grow more healthy – emotionally. How might the act of forgiveness be an act of arrogance? Download this 10 minute lesson to upgrade your forgiveness skills to experience more peace – daily.
  3. Daily, what do you do to grow more spiritually awake and aware? Learn / remember one of the most powerful ways to advance your spiritual growth.  (This way is taught by every known spiritual master to date!)
  4. Prepare yourself to grow social relationships with far less stress.  How? Check out the steps in this class – steps you most likely have heard many times before!  Will you listen this time?
  5. Self employed?  Work for someone else? We prepare to grow professionally by first pondering a few soul-searching questions!   Add this 10 minute class to your cart to rapidly grow – professionally.

More information on the entire Grow ~ Growing ~ Grown series?  Click here. . .

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