Grow Growing Growth Series Phase Two Overview: Tending Garden


We continue our journey to grow with more ease and grace by tending our garden(s) – aka: life maintenance.  In Phase Two of this four-part series we’ll:

  1. learn how to weed out unhealthy habits (weeds) such as doubt, guilt, procrastination, shame and worry.
  2. remind you of an important step to healthy growth.  What is this step? Adjust! Take five minutes to explore the importance of replanting (adjusting) plans!
  3. identify two major critters (bad habits) that block growth (often for a lifetime).  Learn two powerful tools (concepts) to rid your garden (life) of these critters to increase your capacity to grow – more effortlessly.
  4. upgrade your boundary settings skills. In this four minute class you’ll learn two boundary-setting skills to help you learn and grow with far less stress.
  5. explore how to water our intention to grow.   Enjoy this five-minute class to learn how to apply two powerful ways to nurture growth using existing skills in just the right amount(s)!

More information on the entire Grow ~ Growing ~ Grown series?  Click here. . .

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