Grow Growing Growth Series Phase Three: Savoring Results


It’s time to savor all your hard work!  What does savor mean?

  • What do you do when you eat something that’s extraordinarily delicious? Do you take a moment to really taste what you eat?
  • Or how about the first gulp of a cold drink after working hard in a hot space?  Do you pause just a second or two to FEEL the cool liquid traveling down your throat?
  • After spending the better share of the day scrubbing, sorting, organizing, dusting and rearranging a space do you take time to appreciate all your hard work?  Or, do you simply check it of your list and move onto the next task?

As we tend to our gardens (lives) we enjoy the anticipation of harvesting the fruits of our labor – yes?  In Phase Three of this four-phase journey to invite, embrace and celebrate growth we take time to savor our hard work.

  1. When we experience healthy physical growth how do you honor your work?  Download this four-minute class to explore answers to these questions.
  2. In the past few years, how many different ways have you grown on an emotional level? In less than four minutes we’ll refresh your memory on how to savor (enjoy) emotional growth as life lessons ripen into wisdom.
  3. What kinds of spiritual growth have you experienced lately? This four minute class reminds you of a spiritual practice (found in most spiritual traditions) that’s simultaneously difficult and easy to practice.
  4. As social relationships grow, in what ways do you savor this growth? Have paper and pen ready.  Time for brainstorming and mind-mapping exercises to see how much (or little) your social circles overlap.   Experience this six minute guided exercise to discover how much you’ve grown – thanks to social networks.
  5. When do you savor your professional growth?  Take five minutes to refresh your memory (with this powerful guided exercise) on the benefits of savoring healthy professional growth.

More information on the entire Grow ~ Growing ~ Grown series?  Click here. . .

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