Grow Growing Growth Series Phase Four: Optimal Growth Sequence Overview


Phase Four of Grow, Growing, Grown provides a robust review of must-do steps to successful, rapid, healthy growth.  Similar to professional talks, speakers first tell you what they’re about to talk about.  Next, speakers present their information.  Finally speakers summarize the main points of their presentation.

  1. Review time! How do we best prepare to change?  When we plan to grow, what should be done BEFORE we start growing?  Download this six minute classes to learn more about the ripple effect of growth. Discover how to shape and manage those ripples so that growth happens more effortlessly.
  2. Do you remember how to support yourself while you attempt to grow? In the next 4.5 minutes we’ll recap the five steps found in Phase Two: Tending Gardens.  Download this executive summary style review to gain insights on how best to care for yourself during focused growth spurts.
  3. What are the benefits of savoring (appreciating) the results of your growth work? (Personal, professional, spiritual and social growth.) In the next five minutes we’ll recap the major points (five steps) offered in Phase Three Savoring Results.  Learn why appreciating your (completed) hard work plays an important role in current and future growth on all levels.
  4. How do we absorb (integrate) new information, habits, traditions into daily life more easily? In four minutes discover two powerful tools to support integration of new ideas, skills, relationships (etc.) with far less stress and more insights.
  5. Why is it important to rest between significant cycles of change? While enjoying a short break (coffee? tea?) how about a quick lesson on the benefits of rest. How does rest support more effortless future growth?  Take a moment to relax and listen, learn and laugh!

More information on the entire Grow ~ Growing ~ Grown series?  Click here. . .

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