Learn to Receive Study Groups



$480.00 (six month) Access

Based on a successful DECADE of feedback from over 250K readers, retreat / workshop / seminar / webinar / class participants we’re delighted to release this workbook!  Click this link to download a detailed Program Guide to learn what this book and study-group class features.

Learn to Receive six month study group access: $480.00.  This rate includes:

  • access to one 90 minute Saturday class once a month.
  • time 10:00 a.m. (Hawai’i time). Click to convert time zones.
  • virtual (conference call) attendance.
  • Soul University’s private virtual classroom

Can’t wait for classes to start?  Stop by Pay Radio (talk-radio worth listening to)!  Listen / download actual classes to discover what await you in class!  Stream audios with iTunesStitcher or Overcast.


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