Soul Dancer Prose Volume 1 ~ Monthly Book Club Registration


Get ready to shake-up then explore (versus analyze) beliefs, ideas, habits and more!  How?  See more details below….


Aloha! Soul here.  Our next event is Sunday, March 8th, 2020. I invite you to join us once a month to deep-dive into the prose published in Soul Dancer Prose Volume 1.  I offer this highly interactive experience (via phone, tablet or computer) to explore the many buried ah-ha’s just waiting for you to discover.

Day?  Monthly: second Sunday. Our next event is March 08, 2020

Time?  8 p.m. Eastern (New York USA). That’s:

Registration perks include:

  • access to event recording(s) to include text transcripts.
  • meeting others who share a passion to learn, laugh and grow.
  • learning tools to slowly, methodically release doubt, guilt, shame and worry!


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