Celebrating Winter Solstice 2018 with Two Shamans


Celebrate Winter Solstice 2018 with two shamans. Take 30 minutes to experience a guided meditation to gain and maintain a sense of calm.

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The first moments of Winter Solstice occurred at 5:23 PM on Friday, December 21 Eastern time.  Time to celebrate (and reflect upon) this annual change of seasons.

Meet Soul Dancer and Jermaine Smith – two shamans dedicated to honoring Gaia (Mother Earth) as well as those who walked before us (our ancestors).

Join us for a powerful 30 minute guided meditation focused to gain and maintain a DEEP sense of calmness.

Content by Soul University
Nature sounds: by http://naturesoundsfor.me/ 
Music by: Kevin MacLeod
Music licensed under CC: Attribution 3.0.


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