Tuesday’s – Balanced Center – 7 p.m. EST (Copy)


When was the last time you felt the sensation of being centered? How about balanced? How is being centered different than being balanced? (Think up/down and right/left!) Join us for a lively, engaging hour where we’ll do simple paper/pen exercises to discover how to find your center as well as your balance.

All classes recorded.

✔ free audio recording provided to class participants.

✔ video conferencing option available (see AND hear each other).

✔ smart-phone app access option available.

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Soul here (Founder:  Soul University) . . .

Being both centered and balanced provides a sense of clarity and direction when life feels chaotic. Finding your personal sense of center when plans crumble or emergencies strike will help you find a senes balance when others are totally out of balance. We’ll explore these and other questions in class.

We conclude each class with a call to action followed by a five minute guided visualization or meditation.

No-prep required.  Just show up on time.


Day: Tuesday’s  (INCLUDING holidays)

Time: 7 p.m. Eastern – prompt!

Click to convert to your time zone.  Suggestion:  click / dial in 15 minutes early to help us start on time.


Class access? Phone, tablet, smart phone or computer. Phone number / links provided on your RSVP paid confirmation screen.


In class we’ll break-out into small groups (6-8 people) as needed.

✔ Enjoy more time to talk.
✔ Personally connect with other participants.
✔ Experience more ah-ha’s and WOW’s!

Kindly note – no refunds for missed events.  Why?  Paid participants will receive one email with a link to download a recording of their class.  Recordings for personal use only.


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