Soul University (SU)’s registration and tuition payment process forms the heart of co-creating our unique (game-changing) program.  How you register and pay SU tuition – at first – may feel odd.  We’re okay with you feeling odd!  What we do is new!

First – we tap into the gift of perspective . . .

  • With each SU tuition payment we co-create a profitable business – a business that is all yours.
  • A business WE build – FOR YOU – while you focus on learning who you are and what you’re here to do!

Sounds like a fantasy?

Too good to be true?

Feels like a complete scam?

How many products or services were once judged to be a scam?

Do your homework to discover most major innovations we take for granted today were once thought to be flights of fancy.

History books document how electricity, telephones, automobiles, air planes and cures for deadly diseases were all labeled scams as they were birthing into existence. Mahatma Gandhi words stand the test of time . . .

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  • To ignore SU’s program is to ignore two questions we’re born to answer.
    • Who am I?
    • Why am I here?
  • To fight SU’s program (with skepticism, ridicule or doubt) is actually a fight with ego.  We’ve proven our program over the past decade.
    • Listen to over 500 on-demand (downloadable) classes to experience how our program works.
    • As you experience achievements in health, wealth and wisdom – people take notice!  True?
  • To laugh at SU’s program is a worthy goal.  One day you’ll laugh at yourself for ignoring and fighting our common-sense, no-nonsense approach to be paid to learn.
  • WE ALL WIN when we fully engage this programs with eyes wide-open!

We sincerely hope you take the time to understand SU’s tuition payment process. Why?  Within a decade SU’s program will be considered a normEarly-adopters of SU’s program will attract massive attention!  Why?  Trend-setters always attract attention – true?

Prepare yourself to improve how you spend your hard earned income on the products and services you consume – daily.


Time for more perspective!  Imagine:

  • your local weekly grocery store purchases also paid for
  • university classes to help you learn who you are and why you’re here!

AND!  AND!  At some point your grocery store started paying your bills (mortgage, rent, etc.)  for being a loyal customer.

  • Do your local stores provided these kind of loyalty programs?  No!
  • Will your local university allow you to pay for classes just for buying groceries at the local store?  No!

That’s it folks!  SU’s tuition payments are two-thirds grocery store purchases. Purchases you consume to save time and money while improving your physical health. SU’s grocery store is Isagenix – an award-winning company thoroughly vetted by SU’s Founder – Soul Dancer.  Soul Dancer chose Isagenix based on over a decade of first-hand experience with Isagenix products, customer service and business compensation program. (When was the last time you researched the store you shopped at let alone the products or services you consumed?)

So here we go!

Time to do some actual homework (due diligence). Follow these steps to experience an evolutionary earn and learn program.  Heads-up!  If this homework seems like too much work for you!  Good to know. You just learned SU’s program requires work.  Are you ready to get to work?  Yes?  Good!  Keep reading.  No?  Come back when you are ready to get to work!

Ponder Chinese philosopher Laozi familiar words: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When you feel ready to start (or continue) your life-long journey to learn who you are and why you’re here you’re ready for step two.

Review SU’s course catalog.

  • Notice we request no email address to access class information.
  • Notice we provide free classes to help you experience SU learning – first hand.

Read SU’s Terms of Service (TOS) to learn who’s responsible for what, how, why and when. Our TOS methodically, clearly details how to start classes, pay SU tuition as well as how we’ll build your company while you take SU classes.

Do you agree with our TOS (to include how you pay for classes – detailed on  TOS page 17)?  Yes?  Proceed to step four(Hint!  If clicking back and forth between this site and the pdf document seems like too much work – no worries.  Stop here.  College-level classes require work.  Come back when you’re ready to get to work.)

SU requires NO MONEY to register interest to join a class.  Complete our registration survey below to help us learn which classes you’re interested in.  When 12 people are ready to take the same class(es) you want to take your SU journey begins.

While we gather registrations it’s time to discover which Isagenix products interest you.  Check out products and prices.  Prepare your first order. WAIT to place your first order to remain in compliance with our TOS.

While you research Isagenix products feel free to dive into over 500 on-demand SU classes. Visit these sites / classes at your convenience: SU iTunes, Pay Radio iTunes, YouTube, Pinterest.

Questions? Concerns?

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