Who Is Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer has a unique birth name. His days are filled to the brim as he walk a path of service. Soul is a private teacher, spiritual guide, published author, key-note speaker and live-talk radio show host. Soul created Soul University to capture and share 45+ years of training to include the results of:

Soul is also on a massive mission! Goal: to care for caregivers locally and globally. As he raises funds to launch CareGiver LifeLine he simultaneously raise funds for others. Click for details.

Pay Me What I’m Worth has blossomed into local to global grass roots movement to reduce stress and increase confidence. For those who desire less doubt, guilt, shame and worry visit SU Radio! to listen to over 300 on-demand classes

This site and related programs tap into Soul’s first-hand learning and teaching experience from travels to over 20 countries in the past 40 yearsWhen people introduce or reference Soul, you’ll learn Soul is a:

  • compassion driven social worker (masters level)
  • dogma-free monk (three orders)
  • insightful shaman (four traditions)
  • published author (future best seller)
  • memorable speaker (internationally known)
  • live radio show producer (four web-radio stations)
  • visionary (community organizer / leader)

A Soul story . . .
I remember the moment I met my first significant teacher at the ripe old age of 11 living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (my birth town). When this person caught my eye, I thought he was a homeless soul based on his tattered clothes and body (both needed washing based on my judgmental attitude). Something inside me said, “don’t judge. Listen!”

Turns out, over the years, I learned that Teacher is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher. Teacher is a confidential ear and shoulder for top leaders in business, education, government and spiritual teachers. Teacher ‘saw something in me.’ It took me a decade to see in myself, what this learned soul instantly recognized!

One of the most profound lessons Teacher taught me is to own what I say – 100% of the time. Teacher taught me to never, ever name-drop. Name-dropping is an ego driven need to impress. Those I consider significant teachers have zero desire to impress or be impressed.

Over the next four decades, what I learn from my teachers I consider priceless and timeless. My non-academic journey has no formal certificate or diploma. (The most empowering teachers I know have yet to step inside a formal academic classroom.) Based on my student, client and program feedback, I know I honor my teachers by doing for others what they do for me.

What do they do? Like rain and sunlight, they help me awaken and grow to my fullest potential.

Now, I invite you to listen (read) without judgment as you explore what Soul University has to offer you.

Soul insights . . .

Over the past three decades, I observe how we (people, organizations, governments, etc.)  hold onto habits that consume more resources than inspiring resource growth. What’s your take on shame, worry, guilt, fear, peer – pressure, expectations, history, illness and related life diminishing ways of living?

From what I observe, that which consumes something may end up consuming itself. That which loves something inspires growth. I seek to grow NOT at the expense of unhealthy consumption. How do I plan to grow? Change! Change on all levels, body, mind and spirit. With every breath I take, I change. I’ve come to know change as my friend. How friendly is change for you?

What I’ve done or do, or who I enjoy the honor to know, holds little importance for me.  Names or titles and related social dressings cover what we all are inside. Humans. Humans who eat, breathe and experience a wide range of emotions.  Join Soul University to expand everyone’s ability to learn, laugh and love with more ease and grace.

As you consider your next steps in life, kindly remember to be KIND to yourself. If you’ve forgotten how to be kind to yourself, we just discovered how to take our first steps together.

I wish you a most refreshing day . . . every day . . .