Soul Suppers by and for gay men …

Soul Suppers by and for gay men…

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Setting the stage . . .

As Kimo hops in the back seat of David’s car he greets Mark and Carlos. They wind their way through typical Sunday Waikiki traffic on their way to Soul’s place in Makiki for their monthly soul supper. Climbing the steps to Soul and Jerry’s place they hear Dennis and Malaki laughing. It’s going to be another amazing soul supper as they whiff in the golden-brown baked turkey, garlic-laced potatoes and savory-spiced gravy.

While Carlos, Mark, Kimo and David unpack their potluck entries, Soul weaves in hugs and kisses. Everyone does the same as they settle into seats in front of a large living room window overlooking Punchbowl hills, skylines and park trees.

In a few minutes voices quiet down. Hands connect. A blessing honors the abundance before them. Potluck dishes start their circular trip around the table. Plates load up. Discussion topics popcorn until a consensus lands on the one topic everyone seems ready to take a deep dive into!

A couple hours blink by before we know it. A natural sense of completion feels ripe as bellies enjoy a simple desert. Soul concludes our lively, deep swim with a guided vision / meditation to top things off. Post meditation time we enjoy some simple silence. Hands reconnect to remind us how we’re in this together – for the long run.

You interested?

Aloha! Soul here . . .

For the last four decades my life repeated cycles of learning, teaching, writing, speaking and traveling. Result(s)? Lived in more than 20 different countries. Two degrees: Bachelors of Science: Human Relationships. Masters in Social Work: Minor in Gerontology. A monk of three orders (all Buddhist). A shaman of four traditions (two North American, one South American, one Asian). Published author: two books. Founder of Soul University.Org. Key note speaker for events ranging from hundreds to thousands. Retreat, workshop, seminar and online class facilitator for groups ranging from dozens to hundreds.

Soul suppers harvest all my experience (with over 300,000 people) into two monthly focused events. Over a home / shaman / monk cooked dinner we’ll deep dive into topics with a focus on how to release doubt, guilt, shame and worry. In a private one-on-one one-hour session we’ll dance with stuff you’re just not comfortable with talking about over dinner.

Now that I’ve settled on Oahu (after a decade on the Big Island) I’m itching to co-create a tight-knit extended family by and for gay men. I’ll start with six gay gents who – after we meet for 30 minutes to explore expectations, needs and fit – we’ll explore next steps to embark on a professionally facilitated a year-long journey together. While I mix roles as both friend and teacher I know I will learn from YOU as well.

To sample my teaching style please help yourself to any of the hundreds of free on-demand (downloadable) classes located here and here.


Family Building

What does a healthy family-style relationship look, sound, feel like to you? As we explore your answer we’ll also uncover what you DO NOT want from family members! True?

As we co-create our extended family circle we’ll discover what skills we need to strengthen such as:

  • communication skills (active listening; connecting and confirming patterns)
  • time management skills (ways to release unhealthy habits, build healthy routines)
  • relationship skills (learn ways to communicate / live free of doubt, guilt, shame or worry)

Step by step, month by month we’ll practice the arts of compassion, gratitude and grace. As we learn and grow – together – you’ll rediscover ways to tap more fully into the wisdom buried within you.

As time flies by our extended family circle helps us navigate our families of origin (birth families) with more ease and grace! When our blood-line relations lack capacity to love us unconditionally, we savor the relationships we’re building here – even more.
Keep in mind this co-creation takes work. Sometimes this work will feel overwhelming. Based on four decades of helping others do this work I know from first-hand experience this kind of work results in amazing rewards.

Ready to get to work?



Six gay men ready to do the work it takes to experience healthy, supportive relationships.


One year (minimum) to co-create a powerful extended family with professional guidance.


Attending two monthly events. One weekend supper hosted by Soul Dancer – an internationally known shaman, monk, social worker and published author. One monthly private, confidential one-on-one session to work on areas too personal for group discussion.


Oahu / Honolulu residence (in or near Makiki – even better).  Anyone adult gay gent is welcome actually.  You don’t mind traveling – let’s talk!

No-cost 30 minute pre-screening required to explore expectations, questions and potential fit.

Finances to afford monthly fee: $333.00. (Covers meal main course and one hour of private one-on-one support.)

Call / Text 808-780-0819 to take your first step to set-up your 30 minute intake session.