Congratulations! You’re about to take your first steps on an amazing life-changing adventure.

Meet Pat!

Pat’s typical week (to include Soul University classes) took a month to fall into a steady routine.  First Pat’s team settled on a couple set days and times (each month) to meet more than once a month. They decided they wanted to dive deeper into on-demand class content in between their monthly SU taught class.  With scheduling settled, falling into a routine was easy.  On a daily basis, Pat planned to:

  • listen to SU class audio’s while commuting to work.
  • spend about an hour a week capturing ideas, questions, ah-ha’s and oh-no’s in a journal.
  • be on time for her weekly one-hour class.

Once a month Pat remembers to pay tuition by buying products to eat and drink.

As the months dissolve into years:

  • Pat’s team ripens from being complete strangers into cherished extended family.
  • SU builds out a solid, financially rewarding network marketing business for Pat.

That’s it!  How’s that for the big-picture overview!

Your Soul University (SU) classes are about to begin . . .

Your first 90 days with SU provides a solid first-hand experience of both our process (structure) and content (classes). During your first 90 days you (along with your team) determine if you’re ready for a life-changing adventure to learn, laugh and grow more healthy wealthy and wise on six levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Emotional
  3. Social
  4. Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Spiritual

To get started means a phone call with SU Founder – Soul. In 30 minutes we’ll review and resolve questions about:

  • classes (dates, times, etc).
  • classmate surveys (rating other classmates)
  • tuition payment(s)
  • placing your first three Isagenix orders

To prepare for a solid 30 minute call we recommend you:

  • review your course program overview (listen to a couple actual classes for the course you selected located on the overview page).
  • re-read SU’s Terms of Service (TOS) (Take notes while you review things. Write questions down.)
  • Revisit Isagenix to confirm what you plan to order.  Remember! Since SU plans to build your Isagenix business – FOR YOU – focus on what products appeal to you.