Aloha Jason Stauffer

Aloha Jason,

Since email servers are known to mark email containing embedded links as spam, I created this personal page.

Soul here – the guy who posted this comment to your post:  In Memoriam.  I visited to learn more about you.  Since I’ve birthed many a website (like this one) I know it takes considerable time and effort to launch a site.  I then checked your twitter feed as well as read more of your articles.   Your passion to be of service inspired me to connect with you.

Me? Over the past 12 years with over 275K participants of a workbook I published, I’ve honed a course that fundamentally rewrites and upgrades a person’s awareness of their sense of worth well beyond numbers or paper.  With 300 iTunes classes available folks can simply listen to actual classes before deciding if they’re ready to dive in.  This course is what I’d like to offer you and up to 100 vets – for no cost other than buying a book.

Why no cost?  Simple!  You’ll teach me as much as I’ll teach you.  My goal is three fold:

  1. help vets customize this workbook for vets to release doubt, guilt, shame and worry.
  2. teach vets how to teach this course / start earning an income
  3. make a massive dent in the horrific suicide rates I learned of.

When you sense the time is right I’d sincerely appreciate a call or video session with you to explore a potential collaboration effort. If I understand your passion you wish to help others release what no longer serves them to refresh their sense of potential (if that makes any sense).

Does any of this sound interesting?  If so – you’re welcome to call me at 312-268-0000; text me at 808-780-0819 to arrange a video call (Skype? or Zoom?).

I live in Honolulu.  6 p.m. New York = Noon Honolulu.  I’m booked (teaching classes) Wednesday – Friday.   First available day to connect is Saturday, September 1st.

In gratitude I bow to you for all you’ve done, do and are doing!  I look forward to talking with you.