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What is Soul University?

Our history . . .

Our virtual campus opened in 2013 with 339 unique classes bundled in 11 focused courses.  Traditional classes (same people, same day, same time) combined with experienced teachers is a globally recognized standard to learn and grow.   Also true – traditional classes lack the convenience of an ever-growing demand for on-demand learning.

Good news!  SU offers  a mix of both traditional and à la carte learning experiences. Explore over 100 classes ready for you to begin or advance your desire to learn and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.



Visit our FAQ page for some blunt questions and answers.

Check out our Why while your at it as well!


Call us at 312-268-0000. We enjoy answering your questions first hand. If you land in voice-mail please share the best time to return your call (to include your time zone). Or? Email us.

On behalf of SU’s team (staff and interns) I bow in gratitude for your interest, support and passion to learn and grow.

Soul Dancer
Soul University

SU course work is based on a unique blending of formal academic degrees, spiritual training and tribal traditions.  Specifically – Soul Dancer‘s (SU Founder) learning history blends:

  • a Bachelors in Human Relationships.
  • a Masters in Social Work.
  • over four decades of advanced spiritual teachings
    • as a monk in three orders.
    • shaman in four traditions.

Soul mixes his experience (both as a student and teacher) to create a unique teaching style to systematically identify then release doubt, guilt, shame and worry at a root level.


SU’s mission is rooted in an ancient Greek aphorism: “Know thyself.

Rewards to knowing yourself well (free of judgment ignited by doubt, guilt, shame and worry), includes living a more happy, healthy, unconditionally loving life.

As each unhealthy habit consumes less resources (time, money, health, etc.) you experience more energy to learn, laugh and grow more healthy wealthy and wise. Based on a decade of documented results (listen to actual classes here and here) we challenge you see (actually hear) for yourself how students learn and grow.

Amazing right?



We’re RADICALLY different.  No exams.  No grades.

As you discover (then experience) answers to two ancient questions:

    • who am I?
    • what am I here to do?

… what you experience while completing SU classes replace exams, papers, diplomas and degrees.


Your graduation day happens when you realize you actually enjoy:

    • more confidence. Your increased confidence naturally inspires others to respect and honor you, your time and talents.
    • an ever-deepening sense of compassion.  Your growing compassion constantly teaches you to observe more and judge less.
    • increased capacity to receive and give – equally!  This growing capacity to balance giving with receiving allows you to love more unconditionally – daily.
    • a sense of self-worth that remains stable and healthy even in times of drama or trauma.

When you combine self-study courses with the support of (as needed) live conference-call events you’ll learn more in less time.  Why?  Event participants bring unique perspectives, wit and wisdom to every class. We’ve lost track of how many times the collective wisdom brought to our live conference-call classes simply dazzles us!

Which way of living sounds more appealing to you?

A) Just surviving (what most people you know – do).

B) THRIVING (what FEW people – who you MAY know – do)!


Did you select “B?” If so – time to get started!  (Return to SU when you’re done with “A.”)

How do I get started?

Lets keep things simple shall we?  Click to RSVP for a one-time one-hour Sunday office hour event. $10.00.  (You spend more on a movie ticket and popcorn!)  Be prepared to dive deep – fast.  Take notes.  Discover first-hand what SU offers.

We look forward to being of service . . .

Soul Dancer,

Founder: Soul University

7 comments on “What is Soul University?

I am so grateful to Marsha Sortino for introducing me to SU and the Pay Me What I’m Worth course. That one-year journey of exploring “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” has helped me grow more in 18 months than any other course I have taken over 20+ years as a student of Personal Growth and Development. The secret? The secret to my growth has been deeply exploring all aspects of my life, but doing so while consciously letting go of doubt, guilt, shame and worry. Unlocking the fear based emotions changes the way I now see my past, present and future. It now looks a whole lot like being present and allowing, rather than hiding away peaces of my past for fear that you might not like me. Come learn with me and everyone in the SU family. We enthusiastically welcome you.

Aloha David! WOW! The fact that you willingly chose to shift from a mentality of “been there, done it, know it all” to a reality that there’s always more to explore, learn and grow – blows me away! You passion to serve genuinely, gracefully, peacefully reminds me of the truth in Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom . . . “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In gratitude I bow to you for being a powerful change agent!


Aloha David! Thank you!! I have enjoyed my journey with you and seeing your exponential growth! It’s been amazing to see your transformation! I also feel the same as you and hold this view that this Pay Me What I Am Worth journey has helped me to grow in ways I would never have imagined over other courses of personal development I have taken throughout the years!! I’m learning everyday and you’ve also helped me to see myself!! I am forever grateful and am happy your came on board for this awesome journey!! Mahalo nui loa!

Jodel Mintel

Thank you Soul for everything you dream and for this amazing opportunity to co-create a better world!

Jodel – Mahalo! We’re all in this together!! One for all and all for one 😉 Co-creating is a blast when everyone releases the children of fear such as doubt, guilt, shame and worry! Yes?

Laurie Kelley

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn and share. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

Aloha Laurie! My pleasure . . . we’re in for a GREAT time!

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