Harvest Wisdom Series

Harvest Wisdom

When an apple ripens, it’s time to harvest and enjoy it, right? Similarly do you harvest ripened life lessons to enjoy the wisdom well earned? Or, do you seem to repeat lessons only to discover ‘you knew better.’


  • You seem to attract people who take advantage of you until you learn how to maintain more healthy boundaries.
  • A new job that originally made you feel overwhelmed now feels stable. What happened to help you feel less overwhelmed and more stable?
  • When a friendship ripens into a romance how do you release baggage from your last romance?

When we experience something new, we experience a variety of learning curves. As we learn our learning curves seem to fade until something changes.

This series offers four perspectives to harvest the best of our life lessons more effortlessly. Each step prepares you for a guided meditation to further enhance the gifts perspective brings.

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Phase One: Attraction Action! Fully engage the Law(s) of Attraction.

Phase Two: Allow Bow.  Discover how to be more

Phase Three: Explore More

Phase Four: Savor Sum

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