Before you dive into the deep end (to take our time-tested graduate-level Pay Me What I’m Worth masters class lasting at least one year) we suggest you take our Worth 101 course. We call our 101 course 31 Worth Flavors!

Join Soul (author of Pay Me What I’m Worth) on LIVE talk radio for a one-hour class starting Sunday, May 7th!

Time: 8 p.m. Eastern. Click this link to convert class time into your time zone.

Our class series (listed below) explores and expands your sense of worth well beyond finances! Results? Too many to list here. One definite result (based on a decade of feedback) is increased confidence – personally and professionally.

  • Just show up for class (dial into our conference call line on time).
    • No prep needed.
    • Listen to a short lecture.
    • Then – with Soul’s uncanny knack of asking questions that’ll jump-start some deep thinking – dive as deep as you dare into the lecture content.
  • We aire your class – LIVE on Pay Radio. Each class includes a Program Guide. Each Guide includes clickable links to your site (when you’re in that show). Ongoing exposure – one more perk to attending class. Future listeners may contact show guests directly. GREAT way to build new contacts (followers, fans n’ friends).

Audit classes.

Here’s our list of worth flavors. How many flavors have you tasted?

Red link = members only class link(s) to access private discussion space.

Blue link = Pay Radio (Talk Radio) link(s) to past classes.


  1. Physical Health (on demand)
  2. Five Senses (on demand)
  3. Age (on demand)
  4. Gender (on demand)


  1. Level of clarity (on demand)
  2. Sense of safety (on demand)
  3. Sense of purpose (on demand)
  4. Sense of well being (on demand)


  1. Gratitude (on demand)
  2. Integrity (on demand)
  3. Love (on demand)
  4. Connection (on demand)


  1. Money (on demand)
  2. Property (on demand)
  3. Investments (on demand)
  4. Philanthropy (on demand)


  1. Respect (on demand)
  2. Reputation (on demand)
  3. Family (on demand)
  4. Friends (on demand)


  1. Network (on demand)
  2. Longevity (on demand)
  3. Power (on demand)
  4. Time (on demand)


  1. Ethics (on demand)
  2. History (on demand)
  3. Morals (on demand)
  4. Wisdom (on demand)


  1. Location (on demand)
  2. Natural Resources 04/23/17
  3. Educational Systems 04/30/17

Get ready to savor a more robust sense of worth week after (31) weeks!

  • Join us in class LIVE!
    • 8 p.m. Eastern (7 Central / 6 Mountain / 5 Pacific / 2 Hawai’ian)
    • dial into our class line at (712) 770-4700 (access code: 541006)

Next series starts Sunday, May 7th, 2017.

Click here to register for the entire series. $49.00 a month for eight months.